Avoiding Gym Germs

Keeping germ free at the gym means staying one step ahead of irresponsible gym patrons who forget to wipe down machines and workout equipment. Stay healthy in the gym with the tips in this free video series on gym hygiene.

Series Summary

Germs scare people, and plenty of public places are known for harboring germs and spreading germs from one to another. The gym is a popular place for picking up germs from other patrons. Staph infections, athlete’s foot, the common cold: germs hiding out in the gym are everywhere. Shower floors, seats on weight-lifting equipment and the handles and pads on workout gear are all known as germ havens that need spraying down with disinfectant or antibacterial solutions between uses. In this free video series on avoiding gym germs and gym hygiene, Megan Moe teaches gym patrons know how to avoid germs on stationary bikes, free weights, weight machines, Gravitrons and more. She explains what to bring to the gym to keep healthy, including spray bottles, antibacterial wipes and a personal towel. Staying smart in bathrooms and locker rooms is a big part of avoiding gym germs as well.

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