Aikido Weapons Techniques

In aikido, there are many techniques for using weapons and defending against the use of weapons. Practice aikido weapons techniques with tips from a third-degree black belt in this free video series on martial arts weapons.

Series Summary

Aikido, the modern Japanese martial art, was developed between the 1920's and 1960's and is a powerful form of mortal combat that employs many different techniques of attack and defense. Learning these techniques is done by repeating basic aikido exercises and motions. Each aikido exercise trains a student to execute a certain aikido technique. These aikido exercises are necessary for the aikido student's training and advancement. Learn basic aikido exercises in these free videos on aikido training. In this free video series, a third-degree aikido black belt demonstrates a number of aikido weapons techniques. Sword forms, warm-ups and exercises are covered, as are a variety of disarming techniques for self-defense. Some of the exercises include working with laido swords, kumitachi paired sword exercises and tantodori knife takeaways. With these aikido weapons techniques, the Samurai sword skills of any martial arts student will improve instantly.

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