How to Bathe Your Horse

Tips on how to bathe, shampoo, condition, rinse, and brush your horse in this free equestrian video.

Series Summary

The horse has been used in warfare as early as 4000 BCE. There is archaeological evidence in the steppes of Eurasia of fortified towns being built to defend against horse-riding bandits and raiders. In 1350 BCE, the Hittite tribe developed a written manual for the successfully breeding and conditioning chariot horses. Thus, since before written history and throughout the recorded development of mankind, horses have been a powerful ally to victorious armies and successful agriculturalists. In Medieval Europe, the heavy armor of mounted knights required a new style of horses, strong like a draft horse but athletic like lighter breeds. The destrier , along with the courser and rouncey, became the type (not breed) of horse that would fetch the highest price among nobles and elite military officers.

In this free instructional video, expert Kelli LaBar will show you all you need to bathe and condition your horse. Kelli gives you a list of supplies, safety tips, and advice throughout. You will learn how to curry and stiff brush the horse, how to shampoo the body, tail, and face, and how to add conditioner. Kelli also teaches you the three steps of rinsing your horse: pre-rinsing, scraping, and final rinsing. You will learn combing and finishing as well.

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