How to Clean a Shower Head

Learn how to clean a shower head, from removing to cleaning to reassembly, following easy step-by-step cleaning instructions from a home improvement professional in this free how-to video series.

Series Summary

Quite possibly one of the most frustrating things that can happen when taking a shower is loss of water pressure. It happens to almost every shower head: it clogs up and the water only trickles out. You either have to call a plumber to clean out the shower head or you can do it yourself. If you would like to learn how to clean out your own shower head, you can learn for free from one of our experts.

In this free how to video series, learn how to clean your shower head from home improvement expert Adolph Ramirez. He will give you expert tips for cleaning a shower head including what tools you will need and why it is important to clean your shower head. Adolph will demonstrate how to remove a shower head, how to inspect the water pipe in your shower, how to inspect the restrictor disk, how to clean a shower head, how to use a brush to clean your shower head, how to clean all the parts of a shower head, how to reassemble a shower head, how to use Teflon tape to seal a shower head, and how to reattach a shower head to the water pipe.

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