All About Reptiles: Water Monitor

Learn all about reptiles in this free video series and guide to animal care. Get information on the water monitor.

Series Summary

Since the dawn of time, reptiles have sought to rule the earth. With their cold blood and their scaly backs, reptiles have had their tail bent on world domination. In the prehistoric times, reptiles did rise to dominion and ruled over the earth with the T-Rex completely in charge. One day, the T-Rex met King Kong and through an epic battle accidentally turned the freezer on and began the ice age. Ever since then, the reptiles, having lost their original menacing size and wrought with a Freudian envy of other species, brood in jungles and cages all over the world waiting for the day that the reptiles will rise again.

In this free video series, watch as reptile expert Shawn Fay teaches all about the Water Monitors. Gain a knowledge of their history, how they breed, what they eat, how to find a cage, how to heat and light a cage, and how to keep the reptile healthy. Learn more about pet reptiles with these easy online step by step tutorials thanks to the experts at ExpertVillage.

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