How to Keep King Snakes as Pets

Learn how to care for a pet King Snake and keep it healthy in this free video series.

Series Summary

When humans see a snake it generally evokes fear, rage or aggression. There is a large number of people, however, that see snakes just as most people see dogs – as adorable pets that need to be cared for. Certain snakes are more manageable than others and are actually a lot of fun. The King Snake is just this type of snake. It is relatively safe and easy to handle, and is very inquisitive. If you are a prospective snake owner and would like to learn how to care for a King Snake, you can learn for free online from one of our experts.

In this free video series, learn how to keep a pet King Snake from snake expert Nicole Bragg. Nicole will teach you about King Snake characteristics, how to choose a King Snake at the pet store and what kind of bedding King Snakes need.

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