Signs That the Guy's a Player

Is the guy hitting on you playing or genuine? Learn to tell the difference between a player and a gentleman in this free dating video.

Series Summary

Romance, some say, may not be an old concept in Western civilization. Our films are wont to add tumultuous love interests to ancient heroes like Beowulf, Achilles, Alexander, or Caesar, but many cultural theorists, textual experts, and sociologists have argued again and again that sexuality, which is the foundation for modern day romance, is a rather new creation of society, dating back merely a couple hundred years. According to many, Romantic love, or the affection two souls generate when they find kindred spirits in one another, began in the French stories of knights and chivalry. More traditional research, however, claims to find evidence of romance and intimate love in all cultures throughout history. Truly, love is a strange and enigmatic thing.

In this free video series, radio personality and relationship expert Miss Kitty shows you how to tell if a guy is a player or a gentleman. You will learn to check his cell phone, keep an eye on his spending, and ascertain what his motives may be. If you are in the bar, remember Miss Kitty's tips: if he buys a bottle, flashes his car keys, or talks to his girlfriend while hitting on you, he's a player.

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