How to Barbeque a Brisket

How to grill barbeque brisket; learn more about BBQ grills and fire pits in this free cooking video series.

Series Summary

The term barbeque or barbecue refers to the act, equipment, and food produced when cooking meat over an open fire, charcoal, or gas. The term itself has many competing origins, some say it is a French folk etymology from the words barbe-à-queue, meaning from beard to tail, but others believe it comes from the language of the Taíno people of the Caribbean. But despite the debate, BBQ remains an important part of social and family life in many countries, and for many people in t he United States, an integral part of the American Dream. In this free video series, our expert Terry Leafty will show you how to barbecue brisket. He'll teach you how to select you meat, season it, and apply sauce to it. Terry will also show you how to prepare and finish the sauce, how to use a smoker, and how to flip the meat. Mr. Leafty will reveal his tips for checking the temperature of the meat, and trimming the brisket. Finally he will teach you about different types of smoking woods and smokers.

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