How to Do the Magic Pen Trick

Learn about arts, crafts and magic with expert tips and advice on how to do the magic pen trick in this free video series.

Series Summary

For centuries magicians have sparked our imaginations and puzzled our intellects with their ingenious illusions and tricks. The tricks we acknowledge as entertaining today were once used to mystify and cheat audiences in a less scientific age. But even though today's audiences know there is no supernatural powers at work, magic is no less baffling or enjoyable. Whether you're simply pulling the proverbial rabbit from the hat, or making the statue of liberty disappear, magic has the power to inspire and amaze.

In this free video series, our experts Grace Fraga & Glenn Schneider will show you how to do the magic pen trick. They will tell you about the different types of pens for the magic trick, they will teach you the secret of the trick, and give you tips for doing the trick. They will also show you how to do the paddle move, how to place your fingers, and teach you the routine. Our experts will also give you tips for doing the trick for kids and demonstrate the full magic trick right before your eyes.

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