How to Clean Contact Lenses

How to clean your contact lenses in this free vision and eye care video series for people who wear contacts.

Series Summary

Have you been nearly blind all of your life, but now have a pair of contact lenses that you hope will change everything? Do you find, unfortunately, that they irritate your eyes because you have trouble keeping them clean and free of protein deposits? Do your contacts keep ripping in half every time you take them out to scrub them?

Contact lenses are a superb way to correct your vision. Because there are no bulky plastic frames to protect your secret identity (sorry Superman), contacts help create the illusion of naturally good vision while letting the world see your face. They also don’t slide down or pinch your nose, like glasses are sometimes known to do. But, contact lenses do come with their own set of problems to deal with, especially when it comes to keeping them clean.

In this free vision series on video, learn how to clean your contact lenses properly. An optician will demonstrate how to do both a daily clean and a deep clean, for both soft and hard contacts. He’ll also show you how to store your lenses, how long to wear disposables before throwing away, what types of contact lens solution to use, how to avoid ripping your lenses, how to get debris out from under your contacts, and other important tips for daily contact lens wearers.

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