How to Water Garden Plants

Sprinklers, watering cans, natural moisture and spray bottles are all ways to keep your plants hydrated. Learn more in this free educational video series.

Series Summary

Some folks enjoy watering the garden with a water hose - it can be relaxing chore. Others think however, that it would be nice if the garden plants watered themselves - especially if you have many plants or a small vegetable garden. Though it will not be that easy, but watering the plants can be almost that easy with the aid of irrigation inventions such as drip tape and soaker hoses. It's easy enough to learn efficient, time saving techniques for watering the plants in your garden. All you need is an expert to show you how. If you would like to learn irrigation tips and techniques to take care of the plants in your garden, you can learn for free online from one of our experts.

In this free gardening series, learn how to water your garden plants from farmer and irrigation expert Tom Ashley. Tom will show you efficient ways to water your garden plants with simple irrigation equipment. He will teach you what irrigation supplies and tools you need, how to use a soaker hose to water your garden, how to use drip tape to water your garden, how to use a mini sprinkler, how to use a mister to water your garden plants and herbs, and how to use overhead sprinklers in your greenhouse. So take the time to learn how to use the great irrigation techniques and sit back as the watering gets done with much less work on your part.

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