Preparing High Performance Brake Installation

Learn how to paint and install custom high performance brakes on your car, from taking the caliper out of the box to removing the axle, in this free auto-restoration video series.

Series Summary

Sometimes brakes just stop working, even if they initially worked well. And sometimes the brakes were just the wrong type in the first place. Whichever the case, you can always upgrade those old or insufficient brakes with high-performance brakes. If you would like to learn how to remove your old worn out brakes and how to install new high performance brakes, you can learn for free from our expert mechanic and classic-car restoration specialist.

In this free how-to video series, learn from how to install custom high-performance brakes on your car from custom-car restoration expert Doug Jenkins. Doug and his crew of expert mechanics will demonstrate how to replace old brakes with new high-performance brakes. They will show you how to remove brake pads from calipers, how to paint brake calipers and how to remove wheels on a car. Also in this free video series, learn how to remove drum-retainer clips, how to remove drum brakes, how to remove tie rods, how to remove ball joints, how to remove the differential cover, and how to remove the axles of a car.

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