Cheap Ways to Decorate a Patio With a Texas Theme

Learn how to turn your patio into a Texas themed hangout with the help of this free video on Texas style decorating and home decor.

Series Summary

Regardless of what state you live in, even regardless of what country you live in, Texas is probably bigger than where you live. The Grand Canyon, the Pyramids at Giza, Niagara Falls, the Great Wall of China, the Roman Coliseum, are all good and nice, but they are not great because they are not in Texas. There is nothing more beautiful and profound than big trucks, beautiful women, Shiner Bock beer, cowboy hats, Republicans, and humidity, which are all the things that Texas does best. Texas was its own nation for 12 years and don't forget it. Because of how awesome Texas is, you would be a Yankee idiot to not want to decorate your patio with a Texas theme. Thanks to the experts at Expert Village you do not have to live with the boring and inferior home decor of other states, you can jump on the awesome train and start decorating like the best state in the union--The Nation of Texas!

In this free video series, watch as home decorator Peggy Charlton teaches cheap ways to decorate a patio in a Texas style. Learn how to fix up a rotting roof, cheap trinkets to help accent your Texas style patio, how to find Texas antiques, and how to use power washing to save your patio from long term damage. So rev up your Ford F-150, shoot your pistols in the air, and crack open a Lonestar with your giant Texas belt buckle because its time to celebrate the land flowing with milk, honey, and BBQ...Texas!

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