How to Change a Distributor Cap

Save money and time by repairing or changing the distributor cap on your car or truck by yourself. Get step by step instructions from an expert in this free auto repair video series.

Series Summary

The distributor cap is the mechanical portion of your car’s ignition system. It routes the high voltage energy of the distributor shaft’s rotating motion to the spark plugs, causing the engine’s cylinders to fire in the correct order. The distributor cap is a component that will eventually require maintenance or replacement, as it is susceptible to vibration and heat which may cause its bakelite housing to break or crack. Over time carbon deposits build and the metal terminals erode, causing distributor-cap failure. Fortunately, the distributor cap is a fairly inexpensive component and relatively easy to replace. In this series of free how to videos our expert will take you step-by-step through the entire process of replacing a distributor cap. You’ll learn how to locate and remove the distributor cap, properly inspect it, install the new components and check your work when you’re done. You’ll become much more familiar with the mechanics of your automobile and save money in the process.

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