How to Paint a Living Room

Learn how to paint living room and other remodeling tips in this free instructional DIY home improvement video.

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Have you ever sat down on your green pleather couch in your living room, walls covered with southwestern style pastel wallpaper peeling on the edges from water stain and mildew, while the lime green exterior wall glares through the window and the reflection of the burnt orange accent wall behind you (that seemed like such a good idea 20 years ago) reflects in your 13 inch TV screen and thought...maybe its time to paint the house? Let's face it, houses age and go out of style quickly, which makes painting a house regularly a must for both its functionality and aesthetic. But now painting your house has become easier than ever. You don't have to hire a professional painter and lose thousands of dollars. Thanks to Expert Village, you can be the pro!

In this free video series, professional painter Grady Johnson teaches how to paint the living rrom in your house. Grady covers how to pick paint, what tools and materials are needed to paint a house, how to clear a room, how to lay drop cloth, how to cut in and roll walls and ceilings, how to caulk baseboards, how to spackle walls, and more. Painting a house can be a daunting task, so let the experts at Expert Village help you save money and make your living room beautiful...and also, well you're at it, maybe get rid of the green pleather sofa.

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