A Guide to Collecting 19th Century Chairs

Everything you wanted to know about collecting nineteenth century chairs in this free antique furniture video series.

Series Summary

Oh, how we do miss the days of Dickens and Browning, the yesteryears of Whitman and Twain. Those were the good ole days, the century of political upheaval, the age of guilded morality, the epoch of crooked politicians, the end of serfdom, and the rise of capitalism and Nation States. That's right, we all miss the the wonderful, the glorious, the 19th century. But alas, that is a time that has passed, eroded by the inevitable passing of Father Time. The Industrial age has progressed into the post-Industrial Age, and Victorian morality had undergone a transvaluation of values. O bard, sound forth your barbaric yawp over all the world, the 19th century is dead. But never fear, with every death comes new life, the death of the nineteenth century means the birth of 19th century antiques, especially 19th century chairs!

In this free video series, watch as professional antique dealer Sue Shea teaches how to collect 19th century chairs. Learn about the different types of 19th century chairs: the Windsor chair, the Arrow Backs, the Comb Back Rockers, the Late Sheraton Hitchcock Chairs, the French chairs, and other common chairs. Find out where to buy nineteenth century chairs, how to price them, how to decorate your home with 19th century chairs and other antique decorating, acquisition, and appraisal tips.

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