Billiards: Basic Positioning Shots

Positioning in all important in billiards. Get expert tips and advice on pool cues and billiards tables in this free video.

Series Summary

The game of pool, or billiards, was developed, like other cue sports, from outdoor stick-and-ball lawn games similar to golf or croquet. Pool was originally played on tables without pockets. Holes were added later, used first as a hazard and later as a means of scoring. The term 'pool' was derived from 'poolrooms,' which were off-track betting facilities where gamblers would 'pool' their money to determine the odds on horse races. These facilities were often equipped with a few billiards tables, and the words 'pool' and 'billiards' soon became interchangeable.

In this free video series, our expert Roger Long will tell you everything you need to know about positioning in pool. He'll tell you about the natural roll of the cue ball, how to get top spin, and shooting at angles. He'll even tell you how to do several drills for a follow shot, a stop shot, and a draw shot. He'll even talk a bit about table length, sliding shots, and cheating the pocket.

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