"Hitman: Blood Money" Walkthrough: Part 6

"Hitman: Blood Money" is a popular video game in which you play an assassin. Get expert tips and advice on video games and gaming, and get a walkthrough of "Hitman: Blood Money" in this free video.

Series Summary

The video gaming industry has continued to grow throughout the history of video games themselves. From the first version of pong, to 8-bit systems like Atari, all the way to intense and graphically advanced gaming systems like xbox360 and playstation 2, video games have fostered a major money-making industry and significant job market in the United States and the world. It is apparent now that video games are here to stay, so why not learn to play one of the most popular games out there: "Hitman: Blood Money"?

In this free video series, our expert John Sexton will show you how to play "Hitman: Blood Money". He will talk about you better watch out, the first floor, the santa suit, out the way we came, follow the water, the VIP area, the bedroom suite, knock out the dog, take out the son, woman with black hair, good work, through the waterfall, down to the pier, death on the Mississippi, over the rail, on top of the 2nd level, and the human shield. He'll even tell you how to push guards over the railings, and pick up weapons before offering valuable techniques for the video game "Hitman: Blood Money".

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