How to Juggle Four Balls

Learn tricks and tips for juggling four balls in this free video series about patterns, throws and rhythms that will have you becoming an expert juggler in no time.

Series Summary

Oh, the art of juggling has mystified and amazed audiences for centuries. Early records of juggling date back to Ancient Egyptian times. Since then, juggling has evolved into many different forms. Where once only balls were thrown, the modern juggler may use rings, clubs or beanbags. For those jugglers that are even more daring, dangerous items like chainsaws, knives and fire torches are used. The modern word juggling is derived from the Middle English term of "jogelen." While we may think of the colorful performers forced to entertain a temperamental king's court, there were many jugglers that were denounced by the overly strict religious views of the church. Accusing jugglers of base morals, some clerical men even went so far to accuse these tricksters of witchcraft. These humble fools were only able to perform in the marketplaces, streets, fairs and pubs of Medieval Europe. Fast forward many centuries to present time. Today, juggling has become a hobby of international attention - there is even a World Juggling Day! While the performing art may have transformed into a hobby, there is no denying that juggling has and always will appeal to the trickster in all of us.

In this free video series, learn how to juggle four balls. Our expert will show you tips for beginning your juggling career, including how to throw balls for juggling, begin juggling two balls in one hand, and master different patterns and rhythms for other juggling tricks. Learn how to control your speeds, height of throws and rhythms. So, if you are interested in learning juggling tricks, learn how to juggle four balls today!

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