Photography Studio Flashes & Modifiers

The appropriate lighting in photography can make the difference between an average photograph and a great photograph. Get a better understanding of how to create the perfect lighting for your photograph from a professional photographer in this free photography video series.

Series Summary

Photography is the art of capturing images with a camera. The earliest extant photograph, taken by Nicephore Niepce in 1826, took eight hours of exposure, prompting the photographer to search for a new process. Photography is all about light. In fact, photographs are recorded light. Lighting can ruin a photograph or make it great. Photographers have been known to wait days for the perfect natural lighting in order to get the perfect photograph. Lighting can also be created using flash systems, reflectors, and modifiers.

In this free photography video series, a professional photographer will give you great information about flash systems and different types of light modifiers including umbrellas, softboxes, white cards, snoots, and bare bulbs. Get the tips and information that you need to create the perfect lighting to capture the perfect photographs.

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