Hair Styling Tools

There are several tools that exist to help us fashionably style our hair. Learn some tips for using hair styling tools to style your hair in this free video series.

Series Summary

Since the dawn of time women have sought the perfect hairstyle. That elusive blend of volume, smoothness and style has created frustration in many women who seek to express their personalities and creativity through their locks. In fact, hair styles often represent the cultural, social and ethnic identity for many individuals and can also represent a certain social status. While hair density, texture and length are all factors in a persons hairstyle, fashion trends tend to play the biggest role in women's hairstyles.

In this free video series a hairstylist Theresa Fuentes will show you many tools that are necessary for styling your hair. You'll learn to use everything from the blow dryer to the curling iron. Theresa has spent sixteen years styling hair and she will spare no expense showing you several tips to help style, shape and curl your hair into the look you want. Watch these short videos and start your new look today.

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