Make Up Tips for a Beyonce Look

How to duplicate a Beyonce makeup look; get professional tips and advice on creating various celebrity makeup styles in this free beauty video series.

Series Summary

Let’s face it. Without judgment or degradation, we can admit that most teenage girls today where more makeup than the escorts of a century ago. But this doesn’t have to be bad. Painting the face has been a religious and cultural tradition for thousands of years, and many people forget that makeup and sexual attractiveness are not always related. Wearing makeup for aesthetic reasons probably began with men, just like dresses, perfume, leggings, and jewelry. In different cultures different customs become popular. Think: it wasn’t so long ago that a male who manicured his eyebrows was creepy. We now have eyeliner-wearing guys all over the media and metropolitan areas of America. French men and women of the 16th and 17th centuries wore more makeup than stage actors do today, so let’s give our teenage face-painters some slack.

In this free video clip our expert, Jenny Karl, has broken down the steps and tips you will need to know in order to achieve the Beyonce look. All celebrities have their signature looks that belong only to them and are worn everywhere. Jack Nicholson with his sunglasses is an example of the male version of this. Int his free video clip series Jenny will walk you through every step to get you on your way to achieving your perfect make up goal.

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