How to Tie Your Shoes in Style

Learn how to tie your shoes creatively in this free fun fashion video from our young style expert.

Series Summary

Tired of tying your shoes the same way day after day? That old over-and-under-cross-tie-and-loop routine bringing you down and holding you back? You consider yourself a trendsetter in the fashion world but don't quite have the budget for the latest Nikes or Doc Martins? Why not reinvent the perfectly good shoes you're already wearing to demonstrate just how creative you can be. Real visionaries don't need to spend a fortune to make a masterpiece. Give Alexander Calder a coat hanger and he creates a circus of surreal animals. Give Picasso a matchbook and an old newspaper and he creates a cubist work of art. Watch these free fun fashion videos and you and your laces could be the next great improviser of the art world.

In this video series, our young style expert shows you how to tie cross patterns with your shoe laces. He demonstrates how to start the cross weave and how to top it off with your own personal touch. So impress your friends with your original fashion sense and artistic innovations. No need to tell them that you got an assist from Expert Village.

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