Sewing Pattern & Designs For Travel Accessories

How to sew your own shoe bag and luggage tag; get professional tips and advice on sewing methods and techniques in this free instructional video series.

Series Summary

Sewing is a very popular craft almost completely universally used. Its origin dates as far back as the Paleolithic age (30,000 BC) and is usually used to make clothing or home furnishings today. There are several different methods and stitches involved with sewing that all serve a unique purpose depending on what is being made. In recent centuries the advent of the sewing machine has made the process much easier and faster and has allowed garment makers to make a superior product in almost half the time. Today most of the sewing that is done by hand is for repairing damaged garments or finishing those started by machines.

This series will teach you all the steps to sewing your own shoe bag and luggage tag. There are so many things that you can make yourself by sewing that will not only save you money but last for a much longer time. Everything from pillows and quilts to shirts and pants sewing is one of those crafts that can start out of necessity and turn into a fun thing to do. Why buy it when you can make it yourself or at least fix it yourself.

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