How to Write with the Chinese Radical of Moon: Part 4

Learn tips on techniques on how to write Chinese characters with a radical of moon in this free video clip series on foreign languages and words.

Series Summary

China is one of the oldest recorded nations on the face of the earth and one of the most technically advanced as well. As humans we are able to trace back our lineage thousands of years and most end up going through China at some point along the way. The Chinese have one of the oldest forms of writing as well called calligraphy. This is a very difficult and complex series of lines, dots and characters that make up the Chinese alphabet. They also have separate symbols and characters for full words and even numbers.

Although it is not the easiest language to learn to speak there are a few pieces of advice that can help you along your way of learning to speak in Chinese. Our expert, Bo Feng, will show you how to write many different types of Chinese characters with the radical of moon. Bo will walk you step by step through each name and explain each one at a time. Since there is a lot of important detail in each these lessons are invaluable to the serious student!

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