How to Give a Massage to Seniors

Learn how to give a massage to active seniors in this free video series.

Series Summary

Martin Buxbaum wrote, "Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts." There is a great personal reward in working with the elderly and ill. To spend time with someone who has lived so much life and bring joy into the often times difficult and confusing process of aging is an important philanthropic venture. However, it is difficult to find a balance between helping them physically and hurting their frail bodies, which is why massage therapy is a great and balanced way to help ease the pain of aging and bring joy to elderly. In this free video series, Steve Romey, a massage therapist for the elderly and ill, teaches how to give a massage to senior citizens. Learn the difference between ambulatory and non-ambulatory care, how to communicate well with the elderly, the universal precautions of massage, how to massage feet, hands, arms, legs, neck and head, and different ways intuition and spirituality help with massaging the elderly, ill, and active seniors. Massage is a positive and low impact treatment for seniors suffering with arthritis and other various pains and a great way to relieve the stress of getting older, so get started today with the help of Expert Village.

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