How to Bring a Fever Down

Learn how to treat a fever, how to identify the symptoms, how to avoid getting a fever and how to deal with one comfortably with expert medical tips from a trained doctor in this free health care video series.

Series Summary

Not only is a fever very uncomfortable, but it can also be very dangerous. If your fever reaches 103 degrees, you should go see a doctor right away. But if you haven't got to that stage yet, there are some steps you can take to bring your fever down. An increase in body temperature of one or two degrees generally means a fever, which indicates that the body's self-regulation temperature point has increased. The brain then activates heat effector mechanisms, which included shivers and the releases of hormones such as epinephrine.

In this free series of home medical advice videos, our medical advice expert shares advice for lowering a fever. She begins with a brief description of fever and what it does to your body. Then you will learn how to take your temperature as accurately as possible. Not sure how much to eat or drink when you have a fever? Wondering what medicine you should take for your particular symptoms? Then watch this series of videos and get well sooner!

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