How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Eat safe! Learn how to prevent food poisoning in this free food safety video from a medical medical expert.

Series Summary

Food poisoning can catch you at the restaurant or even in the safety of your own home. But you can take significant steps to prevent it. Wash your hands, keep your serving utensils and plates clean, and store your food properly and you may never get food poisoning. But just in case you do, watch this free series of food safety videos to ensure that you know how to handle the situation should it come up.

In this free series of healthy eating tips, a medical professional will explain the causes of food poisoning, tell you what to do in case you do get it, but best of all, she will outline the steps you can take to prevent it. Dr. Susan Jewell demonstrates how to prepare and store your food the safe and healthy way, including tips on how to clean out your fridge. But if you do get food poisoning, when should you go to the doctor? You will learn the symptoms of the overnight variety of food poisoning, but also the telltale signs that you need to get to the hospital right away. You will learn the dehydration test for food poisoning and even tips on what to do if you come down with a case of it in a foreign country.

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