How to Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Tired of hot flashes and menopause symptoms? Learn how vitamins, exercising, and other tips can help in this free medical video clip about menopause relief.

Series Summary

Menopause is the permanent faltering or shutting down of the ovaries, completely changing the hormonal constitution of the woman’s body and triggering a watershed of uncomfortable symptoms and conditions. Although tied to the cessation of menstruation, this winding-down of the uterus is secondary to the hormonal changes produced in the ovaries. In late midlife, age 51 for many women, the female’s body loses fertility and undergoes a severe shift in hormone levels. Literally, menopause is a singular event, the final monthly period in a woman’s life. Casually, “menopause” is used to talk about the transitional years surrounding menopause, including the common symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, fatigue, and insomnia. Doctors refer to this transitional time as “perimenopause.”

In this free video series, our expert physician gives you tips for menopause relief. Learn simple things that you can do to live through "The Change." Dr. Jewell shows you how to relieve hot flashes and insomnia. Learn how exercising and acupuncture can help with menopause symptoms. Dr. Jewell gives you advice for taking vitamins, tofu, and other natural remedies. So, if you are looking for menopause relief, watch this free video series today!

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