Contact Lens Care

Taking care of contact lenses and tips for cleaning a contact lens. Learn about eye-care, solution, and better vision in this free video.

Series Summary

Have you been nearly blind all of your life, but now have a pair of contact lenses that you hope will change everything? Do you find, unfortunately, that they irritate your eyes because you have trouble keeping them clean and free of protein deposits? Do your contacts keep ripping in half every time you take them out to scrub them?Contact lenses are a superb way to correct your vision. Because there are no bulky plastic frames to protect your secret identity (sorry Superman), contacts help create the illusion of naturally good vision while letting the world see your face. They also don’t slide down or pinch your nose, like glasses are sometimes known to do. But, contact lenses do come with their own set of problems to deal with, especially when it comes to keeping them clean.

While contact lenses can be convenient, this will only hold true if they're properly cared for. In this free video series, an optics expert will teach you how to clean and care for contact lenses with a number of do's and don't's. You'll learn why you should clean contacts after each wear, how to keep a case clean, and why you should apply makeup after putting contacts in. You'll also learn how to make a contact cleaning routine and wearing schedule, why not to reuse old contacts, and why you shouldn't sleep while wearing contacts. With these tips, your eyes will remain healthy and your vision sharp!

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