First Aid & CPR Basics

Learn about first aid maneuvers, such as hand compressions, assessing breath and flow, and how to tell when someone needs CPR.

Series Summary

The term “first aid” refers to the immediate care that is provided to an injured or sick person. It is used to stabilize a patient until further medical treatment and assessment can be provided at a hospital or care facility. In 1877, St. John Ambulance (an international charity based in England) was founded, and taught first aid in mining districts and railway centers. First aid is helpful in treating broken bones, heart attack, stroke, and in childbirth. Ambulances are usually the first to administer aid to the sick or injured, but often times there are civilians who are trained in first aid whom aid the patient. In this series of videos, learn the basics of first aid from a registered respiratory therapist. Watch as our expert demonstrates how to properly assess an injured person’s condition. Learn how to help someone who is choking and maneuver them in order to clear their air passage. Watch an introduction to CPR and see how to properly apply compressions and breaths in order to save a person’s life. Learn the difference in procedures of adult and infant CPR. The compressions and breaths that you apply will be different for infants and adults. Watch this series of videos and be better prepared in the case of an emergency.

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