Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

Ease your aching back! Learn exercises and stretches to reduce back aches and pains in this free back pain workout from our health and fitness expert.

Series Summary

Even after visits to doctors and chiropractors, your back pain continues to bother you. Perhaps the time has come to take the responsibility for the cure into your own hands, trying out the effectiveness of simple stretches and exercises that could very well work better than the pills and adjustments that you had previously placed your faith in. And why not give these exercises a try? They are free and could turn out to be just what you're looking for if you give them a chance.

In this free workout series, our fitness expert demonstrates exercises and stretches to relieve your back pain. Learn how to do the superman, the swimmer and the cow cat stretch to loosen up your tense back muscles in order to ease current back pain as well as to strengthen your lower back to prevent future back pain. Our expert will also explain why you are having back pain and share her tips on how to relax your back.

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