How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing

Learn about medicinal muscle testing and herbal health in this free video series.

Series Summary

People are becoming increasingly wary of western medicine. And, unfortunately, there is good reason. In today's world, a pill seems to be the answer to everything. Doctors are over prescribing drugs all the time. Who knows what the long term effects are of taking prescription drugs? We all hear the horrendous side effects on the commercials. It makes even the safest drug seem terrifying. So, the populace is shifting. Now, we are becoming increasingly interested in alternative, holistic medicine. Through the use of natural herbs, people are finding healing without a trip to the doctor's office. One of the ways to self diagnose yourself is medicinal muscle testing. For those who find difficulty trusting doctors, this may seem too good to be true.

In this free video series, let Laurel Wolfe describe how to use muscle testing. Laurel advises you on the different type of herbs for illnesses. She also shows you how to achieve balance in your body. When you learn how to muscle test, you can identify problematic areas of your body, and you can begin to heal those. Learn how to test for allergies through muscle testing as well. So, take some time and learn about an alternative to traditional medicine.

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