Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is the best solution if you have a missing tooth. Learn all about dental implant procedure in this free oral health video from a dentist.

Series Summary

Many people dread a trip to the dentist. They conjure images of themselves screaming and writhing in pain as an evil man in a white coat probes and pokes around their mouth. While this myth continues to haunt many of us, the dental industry has taken many steps to ensure that your next trip to the office will be a pleasant one. And, let's face it- no matter how much we may protest, there are still situations that arise that force us to go to the dentist office.

Loosing a tooth can be terrible. It can effect your eating and talking, and, of course, how you cosmetically look. However, fixing it can almost be worse. Bridges can damage your other teeth. Dentures seem like a horrid option. However, thanks to improvement in dental technology, a dental implant procedure is the perfect solution. In this free video series, Dr. Chen explains dental implants to you. Learn how dental implants are inserted in the jawbone. Also, learn the health factors and benefits of dental implants. He shows you the step by step process of dental implant surgery. He describes the post surgery healing and pain as well. So, take a moment and learn about dental implants today!

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