Yoga Poses for Insomnia

Yoga is a great way to treat insomnia. Learn how to do a variety of relaxing yoga poses to help you sleep, with expert tips on insomnia in this free yoga video series.

Series Summary

Yoga poses have become increasingly popular as a form of exercise and meditation. The focus of yoga is a holistic one, employing a broad range of practices which focus on a new way of living, thinking and being in the world. Aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit, the health benefits of yoga are also great and varied. From relieving stress to strengthening and toning muscle, integrating yoga positions and exercises into your daily routine can be beneficial on many levels.

Yoga can be a great way to relieve stress for insomnia treatment. In this free video series our expert will show you how to do yoga poses that are great for treating and relieving insomnia. You will learn how to do the cow pose, plow pose, downward dog and the bridge pose. You will also learn how to do supported headstands and shoulder stands, as well as the cat pose and corpse pose. If you have insomnia and are looking for a natural, relaxing treatment, let our expert show you these wonderful yoga poses that are sure to get you sleeping soundly.

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