Guide to Dream Analysis

Learn how to analyze dreams in this free hypnotherapy video series from our therapy expert and certified hypnotherapist.

Series Summary

You find yourself flying across the sky, dodging floating buildings and cars trying to outrace the storm clouds. Suddenly a face appears in front of you, not an ordinary face, but one five hundred feet tall, breathing fire and blowing green blobs the size of boulders out of its nose. The face scorches you, then swallows you into a stomach that looks a lot like the bedroom you had as a kid. Except for the Batman action figure is now much larger than you and smiling with a contorted grim as it reaches out to grab you with gecko fingers dripping blood. What does it all mean? Dreams are a part of everyone's lives, but often the part that we find most difficult to understand. In this free series of dream analysis videos, our expert hypnotherapist helps you to shed some light on these strange experiences. Carmen Lynne discusses the importance of dream analysis as she guides you through the three stages of dreaming: wishful thinking, precognitive and venting. She also tells you the meaning of common dream imagery such as flying and falling. As an added bonus, one of her clients talks about his recurring dream and she analyzes before your very eyes.

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