Self Breast Exams for Men

Learn about breast cancer in men and how to perform male breast exams in this free home health video.

Series Summary

Breast Cancer is a cancer in the glandular breast tissue and has become one of the leading causes of death in women and men alike. Because of the breadth of the issue and the increasing devastation the disease causes, breast exams, whether from a doctor, from a friend, or by yourself, have become a routine health check. Spreading awareness and promoting routine breast exams are valuable tools in the fight against the destructive nature of breast cancer. If caught early, breast cancer is very treatable. The experts at ExpertVillage want to help raise awareness for this growing epidemic.

In this free video series, watch as health specialist Carolyn Waygood teaches how to give a male self breast exam. Learn the different techniques for self checking your breast for tumors, the physiology of the male breast, risk factors for breast cancer, and tips for keeping up on your self check ups. It is never too early or too late to start maintaining your health and commence important preventative care.

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