Breast Implants & Augmentation Tutorial

Breast implant surgery is a common cosmetic procedure for enhancing the size of the female breasts by implanting a silicon or saline sac. Learn about breast implants and augmentation in this free cosmetic surgery video series.

Series Summary

Having shapely, sexy breasts is a popular American standard of beauty. Cultural demands shift from generation to generation, and the twiggy models of the '60s and today are giving way to more full-figured representatives. Nowadays, hopefully, a healthier feminine image, apart from breast size, is being sold to male and female consumers of popular culture. You may totally disagree with standards of beauty and the patriarchal obsession with the fit female body, but regular exercise and strength training will also help people stay healthy. And being healthy is not so bad.

In this free cosmetic surgery video Dr. David J. Levens tells you what to expect from a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Levens teaches about common concerns with breast implants, the advantages and disadvantages of saline vs. silicon implants, the most prevalent complications, and more. You will hear a specialist talk frankly about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, how to minimize scars, and so on.

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