How to Perform CPR

How to perform CPR with instructions from an EMT in this free first aid rescue video series.

Series Summary

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and consists of artificial blood circulation and artificial respiration. This is generally accomplished by doing chest compressions and lung ventilation, which can be done with mouth to mouth resuscitation. CPR is used for people who's hearts have stopped, which is called cardiac arrest, in order to keep oxygen flowing to tissue and organs, and it can also be a part of choking emergencies. It is a basic part of first aid training and can be very helpful in emergency situations, in fact performing CPR can double or triple a victim's chance of survival when done immediately. In this free video series on first aid rescue, our expert EMT will demonstrate how to perform CPR in an emergency situation. While it is important to get hands on training in order to perform CPR, these easy step-by-step instructions can be very helpful in gaining a general knowledge of how to clear a victim's air way, perform rescue breaths, and do chest compressions. You will also learn about the difference between performing CPR on an adult, child and infant. When an emergency situation arises the knowledge you gain from this video series could save the life of a close friend or family member.

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