How to Play Rhythm Octaves and Licks on the Guitar

Learn how to play the guitar left handed with expert tips and advice on guitar lessons and music lessons in this free video series.

Series Summary

The guitar has been around for nearly 5,000 years, developed from even more ancient instruments akin to the sitar, it has been inspiring audiences since its first chord was strummed. It is the primary instrument involved with many genres of music including country, blues, flamenco, rock, and pop, and has been celebrated as one of the most expressive instruments in the world. Whether blending acoustic harmonies on a classical guitar or shredding solos on an electric guitar, the importance of the guitar to 20th century music cannot be ignored.

In this free video series, our expert Stephen Haendiges will show you how to play guitar licks from a left handed persons perspective. He will teach you how to play rhythm guitar licks with using octaves, how to play lead guitar using octaves, arpeggios, and pinch harmonics, and how to play lead guitar using arpeggios. Stephen will even show you an alternate way to play pinch harmonics so if you practice the things you see in this video series, before you know it you'll be complimented on you guitar chops and licks.

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