Guitar Equipment

There's a lot of equipment that guitarists use in order to power and amplify their musical sound. Learn all about guitar equipment from a professional musician in this free video series.

Series Summary

Playing the guitar has been a popular hobby and skill for centuries. The guitar is a fretted and stringed instrument that is seen in acoustic and electric varieties. It is used in various types of music including country, music, salsa, rock and pop music. The most common style of guitar has six strings, but there are others including four, seven and eighteen strings. It's important to understand how your guitar works along with its corresponding equipment if you want to improve your musical sound.

In this free video series our expert Pete Pidgeon will talk to you about all sorts of guitar equipment. You'll learn about cables, guitar picks, tuners and even tuning forks. Pete will also show you some simple procedures for maintaining and protecting your equipment and effects pedals. You'll learn what you need to help you record and how to play in tempo using a metronome. In the end Pete will instill an array of guitar equipment knowledge in you that will get you ready for any musical project your willing to attempt.

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