Improving Drum Coordination

Using drum exercises and focusing on hand coordination and movement during simple rhythm practice can improve coordination, as our expert drummer explains in this free drum tutorial video series.

Series Summary

The backbone of any modern band is always the drummer. A band can function without a guitarist, a bassist, or even a singer, but without a drummer most modern music feels severely lacking. Originally used for communication rather than music, drums are the world’s oldest instrument, and their design has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Contemporary drum sets include bass or kick drums, toms, floor toms, a snare drum, high-hat cymbals, a ride cymbal and various crash cymbals. These pieces often are played with wooden drum sticks but also may be played with wire brushes or soft mallets. Truly, it takes a unique person to become a drummer. Because drummers are so vital, they are always welcomed into any band.

If you are looking to pick up the drums or just wanting to improve, take some time to watch this free video series. Our expert, Peter Van Dyck, shows you how to improve your hand and foot coordination. Through these simple exercises, you can become an expert drummer! Learn how to drum singles, doubles, and triplets. Also, learn how to lead a drum beat with your left hand.

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