Beginning Drum For Everyone

Basic drumming techniques and beginner drum lessons are explained in this free beginner's drum tutorial video series from our expert drummer, covering drum sticks, drum beats and fills.

Series Summary

The drum is the oldest known musical instrument in the history of man and its basic design has not changed in thousands of years. Far from today’s uses as a percussive foundation for pop music or for fueling marching band excitement, drumming has a more profound history as a method of communication, and the drum as an implement of religious symbolism. The drum was perhaps first created from the primal idea of mimicking the human heartbeat, yet today its music has developed into a technical, complex arrangement of beats and grooves. Different sized drums and cymbals are arranged into kits, where a drummer can pick from a variety of sounds to lead or accompany a particular song. Kit sizes vary from the simple to the outrageous.

The modern approach to drumming is to try and master the fundamentals of beat and time signature, and then to create fresh, innovative patterns and fills for each song. In this free instructional video series, learn how to play the drums as an absolute beginner. Our expert Mike Schminke shares techniques for creating a basic drum beat, adding fills, and offers tips and advice on choosing drum sticks, a kit, and finding a great drumming instructor to improve your technique.

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