How to Breakdance

Learn several very popular breakdancing moves step by step in this free video clip series.

Series Summary

Breakdancing first appeared in the South Bronx in the 1970s. Hip hop and breakbeat pioneer Kool Dj Herc is generally credited with being the first to loop together sections of beats from funk, jazz, disco, R & B and early electronica to create a rhythmic base for dancers to showcase their skills. The innovative and complex combination of moves, which became what we call breakdance, was used first as a method of settling gang turf wars, but soon evolved into a pop-cultural phenomenon in which dance groups like the world-famous Rock Steady Crew introduced the dance craze to the mainstream. Today breakdancing is leading to even newer forms of dance such as krunk.

This free video series is great for the beginner and expert breakdancer. Our expert, Jonathan “Xcel” Escotto, has been "breaking" for years and will show you basic moves and how to mix them with more challenging ones. He demonstrates the foundation of break steps such as freezes and the hang glide that you’ll need to ensure you don’t “get served” during your next battle.

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