The CAGED Chord Guitar Method Basics

Learn tips on a simplified method of structuring chords called the Caged method in this free music video series on the chromatic scale and the five open chord forms.

Series Summary

Throughout time man has strived to become prolific in everything he or she does. From reading books to driving cars to playing instruments man has always wanted to be the best and go beyond conventional boundaries set by others in a particular field. This being said the way we as humans teach others has also been a thing of controversy and competition throughout history. Everyone’s theories are analyzed and scrutinized with a fine tooth comb to ensure that it is the right information delivered in the most clear and concise way. When it comes to the guitar there are literally hundreds of teaching methods that all have bearing on improving students. This particular method called the CAGED method is one of the most simple and easy ways for a beginner player to learn scales and how they are played on the neck. Our expert will not only show you detailed tips on how to properly play all these chords but also several other places along the neck of the guitar where you can play the same exact chord. There are no limits on guitar. There are only those you set yourself so break out of your box and lets play!

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