Cello Modes in A & C Major

Learn how to play all the modes on the cello in the scales of A and C major in this free video clip series on musical instruments and music theory.

Series Summary

The cello is a stringed instrument in the violin family. It is a popular solo instrument that is also considered the foundation of the orchestra. The cello is longer than a violin but smaller than a double bass. It is played however, like a double bass, with the cellist sitting in a chair and the instrument standing on a spike and leaning on the cellists’ shoulder. The instrument is played with a bow that is drawn horizontally across the strings. The sound that is produced from a cello is deeper than that of a violin and more vibrant than that of a double bass. The cello is available in acoustic and electric forms; the latter is used more for modern rock or pop music rather than traditional orchestra music.

In this free video music lesson, our expert Frances Joseph Santori will teach you how to play the cello. You will learn the basics of cello playing, including such important tips as how to store your cello and cello bow, how to hold the cello and bow, and bowing techniques. You will also get easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do legato and staccato bowing, and double bowing. If you are interested in playing the cello or need some tips on cello basics, let our expert show you how to get started.

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