Guide to Digital Cameras

Buying a digital camera takes research so find a digital camera with the megapixels, noise level, and features that fit your uses. Learn all about digital consumer, prosumer and SLR cameras in this free photography video.

Series Summary

Photography is the practice of making images by exposing film or another medium to a timed flash of light. The basic equipment used for photography has changed dramatically in the last decades, many people finding digital photography an inexpensive and creative hobby. We use photography as a means of communication worldwide: to sell things, to tell stories, capture memories, evoke passions, fight for causes, make new meanings, and inspire the imagination. Mastering the art of photography is a technical and challenging experience. Even with an automatic, digital camera, one has to learn how to frame a shot, choose a background, interact with the subject, use natural light, and select the right supplies and tools.

In this free guide to digital cameras, professional artist Cody Davis teaches you all you need to know about the features and options of digital cameras. Cody covers consumer level cameras, commenting on popular megapixels and noise levels; prosumer or semi-pro cameras, giving tips on filters and accessories; and praises the professional-grade SLR cameras, which allow lens switching and have everything a pro photographer needs. You will learn about batteries, memory cards, resolution options, USB connectors, and more.

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