How to Do a BMX Hang 5

Learn how to do a BMX with expert tips and advice on bike tricks in this free video series.

Series Summary

BMX biking is a creative way of using bicycles that originally arose out of bicycle motocross racing. Split into several disciplines including street, vert, skate park, trails and flatland, BMX riding feeds off of skateboarding and occurs in the some of the same arenas. Like skateboarding, there are numerous and variable tricks that can be performed, and tricks that were once considered too risky or impossible are regularly mastered and eventually become commonplace. Considered an extreme sport, BMX biking takes its place alongside skateboarding as both a mode of transportation, hobby, and sport within the youth populace. In this free video series, expert Sean Morgan will show you how to do a BMX hang 5. He'll teach you how to indentify the trick, perform a correct approach to the trick, and hop into it. He'll also teach you how to practice your balance on flatland and in hopping. Finally, Sean will show you how to complete the BMX hang five so you can find the extreme BMX biker in you.

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