Mountain Biking Safety

Learn the basics of mountain bike safety and setup in this free video series that covers the basics of how to become a knowledgeable off-road bike racer.

Series Summary

So you're getting ready to head off into the middle of nowhere on your new mountain bike, with images of extreme sports heroics and Mountain Dew commercials dancing in your head. Ignore the fact that you spend all day at the office, all night watching tv and all weekend puttering around the house. Just resting up for the big adventure, you tell yourself. All you have to do to be ready is actually purchase the bike you've had your eye on for weeks. Then you're ready to go. Think again. First of all, you need to get into shape. You may be able to pedal over the horizon, but you also need to be able to get back as well. And what happens if you fall off your bike and dent your noggin because you don't have the proper riding technique or the right helmet? Or something goes wrong with your bike. How are you going to get it back in running order? Perhaps you haven't seen The Hills Have Eyes or Deliverance, but the lesson to be learned from these movies is that wilderness has some pretty unsavory lessons in store for those who venture forth unprepared.

Before you ride down the wrong path, watch this series of film clips on mountain biking safety. Our expert takes you trough the basics of riding and shifting techniques as well as how to fix your chain and other common repairs. And he gives you straight answers about tire pressure and tire clips as well as the rules of trail riding. Learn everything you need to know to insure a safe return from the wild.

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