Basic Golf Etiquette & Techniques

Get golf instruction on etiquette, warm up, putting, reading the green, putter fitting, and chipping, in this free online video series.

Series Summary

Though Musselburgh, Scotland is home to The Old Links, oldest golf course in the world, golf is rumored to have begun in the Netherlands in 1297. After seven hundred years it still follows the same basic premise: hit a ball into a hole using a stick and the person who hits it the least to get it into that hole wins. Today a golfer may have any number of sticks, called clubs, made up of wood, graphite, or titanium. Each club has a specific use depending on the type, whether it is the driver for the opening long ball hit, the wedge for shots out of the sand trap, the putter for the last, relatively short shot into the hole located on the green, or a variety of irons for anything in between. Golf is a game of finesse more than brute force, consequently not only is technique keenly important but also a fine set of rules of etiquette has been established that anyone from John Q. Public to Greg Norman and Tiger Woods are wise to adhere to. In this free video Jason Wyatt, head golf professional of Sunningdale Golf Club, demonstrates basic golf essentials such as: fixing the ball mark, raking a sand trap, where to stand on the green, fixing a divet, warming up, stretching, warming up on the putting green for a put, gauging distance and direction for a put, some practical drills to improve technique, reading the green, choosing the proper putter, chipping, foot alignment, and foot positioning.

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